Gone but not forgotten 

After discovering the passing of several beloved family members, Evertalk envisioned a place where anyone could create a separate, safe place within Facebook to celebrate and remember the lives friends, family members, and heroes. We designed Evertalk to make it easy for anyone to create memorial pages and engage friends and family members to share photos, videos, and accept donations for a memorial fund or charity.


Remembering the good times

  • Notify your social network

    Keep everyone in the loop by sending announcements about their passing via email, Facebook, and Twitter from your Evertalk account.

  • Keep the memory alive

    Share those great memories on photos or video on an Evertalk page. Visitors can browse the photos you’ve shared and can upload their own unforgettable photos to share with the world.

  • Fundraising campaigns

    Setup social fundraising campaigns within Facebook on Evertalk so you can make and accept donations to a memorial fund or charity of your choice on your Evertalk page. Visitors can donate publicly or privately through Evertalk and you automaticaly receive notifications when visitors make donations.


  • Company

  • Registered: Evertalk, LLC
  • Founded: May, 2012
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

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