Senseless tragedy & social media

Posted by Russ on Dec 15,2012

sandy hookIt's a story that's all to common these days. Yet another sick lunatic taking out his troubles on innocent victims.  Shopping malls and elementary schools have become war zones.  The entire team at Evertalk was deeply saddened by the news out of Connecticut. We're not going to pontificate on the need for better gun laws or for the elimination of guns in our society altogether.  That doesn't help these families who have been devastated and in fact might only pour salt in the wounds.    Instead, let's look at the overwhelmingly strong and immediate response by hundreds of millions of people via the social networks. Like so many other people, the team at Evertalk learned about the tragedy on Facebook.  We didn't read
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Reinventing the obituary

Posted by Russ on Nov 16,2012

Evertalk - reinventing the obituaryIt may sound strange to read this, but obituaries are very popular.  There are millions of people who absolutely love reading obituaries.  The website for the San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate, saw over one million page views in October for their obituary section. (source: ComScore)  That's a ton of traffic from people interested in reading about the lives of folks who have passed away! Unfortunately, despite the popularity of obituaries, little has changed with the medium for decades. In the mid 1990s, a few internet companies came along and digitized the cow path by creating an online complement to obituaries.  They were essentially just an online compliment to the print obit with a virtual gue
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Why you should thank a Veteran

Posted by Russ on Nov 09,2012

Celebrate Veterans Day on Evertalk with a Tribute page I'm not a Veteran myself, but I sure can appreciate the sacrifices Veterans make for our country.  I'm fortunate to live in a country where, without conscription, a civilian military comprised entirely of volunteers is here to protect and serve their fellow citizens.  If you look back into history, you will see just how rare it is for a nation to have a volunteer based military. The fact that we have people so brave as to enlist themselves to an uncertain future is enough to make my head spin - probably because I live under the cloak of their protection and I could never dream of exemplifying this type of bravery. This weekend is Veterans Day (Sunday, November 11, 2012).  You should
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Evertalk PSA for Election Day

Posted by Russ on Nov 06,2012

Evertalk rocks the vote  

Yeah, this is pretty much it.  Get out and vote.

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Evertalk iPhone app has arrived!

Posted by Russ on Nov 01,2012

Evertalk iPhone app now available for free in the iTunes App store Our team is really excited to announce the immediate availability of our new free iPhone app. You can get it in the App Store here. So, you might ask... what can I do with the Evertalk iPhone app? Good question young Jedi. With our new  app you can be the coolest kid in skool by showing off your Evertalk pages. Got a tribute page for your favorite teacher or maybe a page for a special mentor? Perhaps you created a fundraising campaign on an Evertalk memorial page that you want to promote to raise some cash - show it off on the Evertalk iPhone app. You can al
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Separation of Church and State

Posted by Russ on Oct 30,2012

MAAFIt's not everyday that you get to tell people about a really cool organization... but today is my lucky day. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) is partnering with Evertalk this Veterans Day to remember and recognize our heroes. The MAAF is one of my favorite organizations because they promote freethinking and, most importantly, the belief that people of all beliefs should be able to express those beliefs while serving in the military. The founding fathers of the USA envisioned a society where there was separation of church and state. It's hard to say whether the US has actually realized this vision when you look at the political rhetoric of the day. Each po
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Evertalk & the Veterans of Foreign Wars Partner to Create the Internet Tribute & Memorial Wall

Posted by Russ on Oct 24,2012

VFW - Veterans of Foreign WarsHello faithful legion of Evertalk! We have some uber exciting news today. This Veterans Day (November 11, 2012), Evertalk and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are partnering to create the internet tribute and memorial wall for veterans of the armed forces who have bravely and selflessly served the USA. This joint initiative is called the "Remembering our Heroes" program. This partnership lets members of the VFW create thoughtful digital memorials for servicemen and women who we've lost. 1.6 million VFW members will be able to leverage this partnership to create a lasting digital tribute on Evertalk within Facebook and available through the Evertalk
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Announcing living tribute pages for anyone and everyone

Posted by Russ on Oct 22,2012

Evertalk tributesWe started Evertalk with a pretty simple idea: Let anyone create memorial sites for lost loved ones and friends so they could "pick up where the Facebook timeline ends." It's a cool idea and we've already had over 10,000 people join Evertalk since July. Not bad. However, one of the most frequent suggestions we have received was to let users create tribute pages to people who are alive. Some people like to recognize a hero, friend, or someone that has done something special to make their lives better. It sounded like a great idea, so today we are announcing the immediate availability of free living tribute pages. Is there someone that has done a lot for you in your life? Maybe a mentor, teacher, veteran, friend, or
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Lest we forget…

Posted by Russ on Sep 10,2012

9/11 Memorial - NYCIt's amazing to think that it's been 11 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.  I can remember exactly where I was when I heard what was happening.  It was around 7:30 am, Pacific time on 9/11/2001 when I was driving to Starbucks in Cupertino, California to pickup some coffee before heading into the office.  My girlfriend at the time called my cell phone and told me to immediately turn on the TV.  She was known to freak out about things, so I didn't think much of it, and I continued on my Starbucks mission. When I arrived at the office I was surprised to see everyone huddling around TV screens. It was as if the entire world had stopped; and in many ways it did.  The
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Living… and dying… on Facebook

Posted by Russ on Sep 06,2012

Remembering people onlineLosing a loved one, close friend or family member is never easy.   Those affected are confronted with how to best to honor their departed’s memory beyond a thoughtful obituary or a moving funeral service. There are physical options, like memorial monuments, trees and plaques, but this often geographically limits the range of those who are able to pay their respects by actually having to travel to the place it is posted. The solution is often right beneath typing fingertips. Families and friends can use the internet as an option for remembrance. Whether by sending emails, posting pictures or video, a digital commemoration of a lost one has a more extensive reach.  Compared traditional
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Preserving memories in a digital world

Posted by Russ on Sep 06,2012

Prevent memory lossPeople used to keep hand written diaries; personal thoughts scribbled in journals with frayed pages.  Folks spent hours compiling Polaroids and photo prints in albums; spiral bound books with adhesive cardboard sheets covered by thin plastic peel back pages.  Friends spent hours gathered creating scrapbooks: whimsically bordered photos and words with artistic embellishment. These ways to document memories are quickly becoming folk craft of the past.  Gone are the days of locking your diary, dropping rolls of film at a photo processor and cut and paste scrapbooking; they’ve been replaced by digital picture frames, blogging and posting images online, sharing ideas and personal thoug
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A world where nobody is forgotten.

Posted by Russ on Sep 03,2012

We're excited you're here.  Our team is working hard to provide everyone with a great way to remember all their lost friends, family, and heroes within Facebook. We set out to create Evertalk after learning about the passing of several of our friends on Facebook.  While we were shocked to learn that we lost people who meant a lot to us, we were dismayed by how difficult it was to perpetuate the memory of a lost loved one or friend.   We knew we could do better and, in the process, help millions of people cope with loss in a modern and engaging way on the social network, Facebook. We hope you stay tuned to our frequent posts and stories.  Each day we receive hundreds of new stories from Evertalk users who want to keep the memory alive. Thank you for visiting Evertalk... and please do let us know how we can make Evertalk even better. Sincerely, The Evertalk team
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