Evertalk & the Veterans of Foreign Wars Partner to Create the Internet Tribute & Memorial Wall

Posted by Russ on Oct 24,2012

VFW - Veterans of Foreign WarsHello faithful legion of Evertalk! We have some uber exciting news today. This Veterans Day (November 11, 2012), Evertalk and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are partnering to create the internet tribute and memorial wall for veterans of the armed forces who have bravely and selflessly served the USA. This joint initiative is called the “Remembering our Heroes” program. This partnership lets members of the VFW create thoughtful digital memorials for servicemen and women who we’ve lost. 1.6 million VFW members will be able to leverage this partnership to create a lasting digital tribute on Evertalk within Facebook and available through the Evertalk iPhone app.

With each completed memorial page, a special digital tribute wall is being dynamically built. Each Evertalk memorial page offers visitors to the page the opportunity to share their own photos, post memories in the guestbook, donate to special causes, and learn about the lives of our nation’s heroes. These pages can then be easily shared via Facebook, email, and Twitter, directly through the Evertalk application. Evertalk is providing this service to VFW members at no cost.“Our nation’s heroes should never be forgotten. That’s the driving belief behind our new partnership with Evertalk. We’re excited that together, we’re able to provide our members with the opportunity to honor the lives and legacies of their brothers and sisters in arms,” says Randi Law, Manager, VFW Communications and Public Affairs.Creators of Evertalk pages may also enable Evertalk’s innovative fundraising capabilities on their Evertalk page to raise money to help someone who is sick, to donate to special causes, or to assist families with hospital bills left behind by the passing of a loved one.
For those of you that know me personally, you know that I am passionately committed to the idea that everyone should be remembered and our heroes should be recognized. Our entire team feels strongly that our nation’s Veterans must be remembered, respected, and celebrated for their service. This is why we are excited to partner with the VFW to advance the ‘Remembering our Heroes’ initiative. Millions of servicemen and women are not represented on physical memorial walls or statues. So, we think it’s exceptionally important to give the families of our brave heroes the ability to create their own space to create tributes on Evertalk so they can ensure memories are kept alive and their sacrifices are recognized.
Please take a moment to visit the newly created tribute and memorial wall for the VFW.  While you’re on the site, create a free tribute page to recognize a special person, mentor, family member, friend, or hero and share it with them.

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