Living… and dying… on Facebook

Posted by Russ on Sep 06,2012

Remembering people onlineLosing a loved one, close friend or family member is never easy.   Those affected are confronted with how to best to honor their departed’s memory beyond a thoughtful obituary or a moving funeral service.

There are physical options, like memorial monuments, trees and plaques, but this often geographically limits the range of those who are able to pay their respects by actually having to travel to the place it is posted. The solution is often right beneath typing fingertips. Families and friends can use the internet as an option for remembrance.

Whether by sending emails, posting pictures or video, a digital commemoration of a lost one has a more extensive reach.  Compared traditional death notices, the internet is more widely accessible and it’s easier to create an online tribute. Creating an online memorial page is easy and can even be therapeutic for those affected by loss.

Facebook was not intended to be an online memorial site, but it is the most natural place for people to notify friends and family of someone’s passing, express their grief and share memories.  However, utilizing the timeline of the person who has passed is not necessarily the most appropriate place for this.

Evertalk provides a respectful, safe and touching way to honor those who have passed away.  The app provides a choice of templates to create a customized tribute that becomes a “living place” for posting pictures, videos and words.  There are features to thoughtfully notify people within your social network via email. It even has the ability to filter donations to the proper charity or memorial fund.

The memorial page becomes an indelible virtual monument, a digital afterlife, a way to employ the internet for a poignant celebration of a life and facilitates keeping a memory alive forever.


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