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Have you ever wondered... What happens to ypur digital assets and legacy after you die? As we increasingly live our lives online, we now collect relatively few physical artifacts to pass along to our children, friends, and family. Social networks like Facebook have evolved to become the hubs for our digital lives: Photos, messages, comments, likes, and more.

Evertalk is creating a digital anthology by empowering people to create a digital afterlife for their lost friends, family and heroes. We beleive the best place for Evertalk to empower users is within the application already used by 950 million people worldwide, Facebook. People use Evertalk to not only celebrate and remember their lost loved ones, but also to create a separate, personalized space to share photos and memories while collabrating with friends and family members so they may pass down a digital legacy that may not exist in a physical format. Evertalk also enables families to crowdsource donations to help pay down formidable hospital bills and funeral services costs.

For these many reasons, users of Evertalk and many in the media have called Evertalk "Innovative", "Special", and "Beautifully thoughtful".

Spelling Evertalk

Evertalk is one word with the first letter E capitalized. There is no space between the words Ever and talk. The proper typography is: Evertalk

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