Senseless tragedy & social media

Posted by Russ on Dec 15,2012

sandy hookIt’s a story that’s all to common these days. Yet another sick lunatic taking out his troubles on innocent victims.  Shopping malls and elementary schools have become war zones.  The entire team at Evertalk was deeply saddened by the news out of Connecticut. We’re not going to pontificate on the need for better gun laws or for the elimination of guns in our society altogether.  That doesn’t help these families who have been devastated and in fact might only pour salt in the wounds.    Instead, let’s look at the overwhelmingly strong and immediate response by hundreds of millions of people via the social networks.

Like so many other people, the team at Evertalk learned about the tragedy on Facebook.  We didn’t read it in a newspaper, receive an email, letter, or even a phone call with the news.  We learned about the tragedy as it was unfolding and we expressed our grief, shock, anger, and sympathies towards the families and the community in Connecticut.  It’s clear that when tragedy or loss happens, we are learning about these events via our social networks and less so from the news media. Social media is indeed making the world a smaller, more connected place.  In fact, so many people were sharing comments about the Sandy Hook massacre that it brought the site to a slow crawl.

How people share and surface news, including news about tragedies and the loss of a loved one, has irrevocably moved to the social networks and represents the latest wave of new media’s inroads into the old media establishment.  Evertalk is at the edge of this trans-formative shift in letting people on the social network share and discover the news about the passing of friends and loved ones in a more interactive and personal way than has existed since the invention of the newspaper obituary. In doing so, over a billion Facebook users can now create lasting tributes without leaving the social network to honor the memory and do their part to make sure we never forget about senseless tragedies such as the one that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary.

Our thoughts go out to all families affected.


- the Evertalk team

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