Separation of Church and State

Posted by Russ on Oct 30,2012

MAAFIt’s not everyday that you get to tell people about a really cool organization… but today is my lucky day. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) is partnering with Evertalk this Veterans Day to remember and recognize our heroes. The MAAF is one of my favorite organizations because they promote freethinking and, most importantly, the belief that people of all beliefs should be able to express those beliefs while serving in the military.

The founding fathers of the USA envisioned a society where there was separation of church and state. It’s hard to say whether the US has actually realized this vision when you look at the political rhetoric of the day. Each politician attempts to be more pious than the other guy. This bleeds into our military as well and, frankly, violates the principles established by the Founding Fathers. Such is life. Thankfully there are organizations like MAAF to offer support and camaraderie to atheists and freethinkers alike.

You can check out the tribute and memorial wall for MAAF on Evertalk by clicking here. And you can learn more about the MAAF by visiting their web site:

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